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Shingles Vaccine Availability

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  • Official Birth and Death Records (with Raised Seal) are available during normal business hours .
  • Birth Certificates : $15.00 each
  • Death Certificates: $13.00 for first, $10.00 for each additional (same person)
Public Health

Our Services

• Communicable Disease Control including: Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening/ TB Testing and Follow-up/ HIV Testing/ Immunizations for children and adults

• Maternal Health Consultation- focusing on obesity in children

School Health Programs: TOP/ Abstinence/ Smoking prevention

• Blood pressure/ Diabetic Screening/ Cholesterol Screening/ Immunizations Counseling and Referrals/ Pregnancy Testing/ Lead Screening and Follow-up

 Emergency Response Planning

•Cancer Screening: Breast, Cervical and Cardiovascular - Show-me Healthy Women, Wise Woman

• Parent/ Nurse Conferences

• Nutrition Counseling

 Breastfeeding Counseling

• Community Outreach


• Referrals to Other Health Agencies

• Referrals to Mental Health Counseling

• Environmental Sanitation Services

• Food Inspections

•  Child Care Inspections and Day Care Consultation

• Farmer’s Market

• Birth and Death Records

•  Asthma Prevention and Awareness